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De Israelische zangeres Noam Vazana is deze week wereldberoemd geworden in Marokko. De Jazz-zangeres, woonachtig in Amsterdam, is uitgenodigd om op te treden tijdens het internationale jazz festival Tanjazz, samen met haar Marokkaanse collega Teema. De roep tot een boycot is al voor het festival begonnen, onder andere via Al Jazeera dat een “item” over haar publiceerde. Eerst is Vazana tegengehouden bij het vliegveld – haar visum zou niet in orde zijn. Vele uur later is ze toch tot het land toegelaten. Demonstraties hielden niet op en demonstranten verbrandden Israelische vlaggen. De Marokkaanse overheid nam Vazana in bescherming en zorgde voor extra beveiliging tijdens het festival.

Terwijl Vazana binnen zong werd buiten een zeer agressieve demonstratie gehouden.  “Het publiek liet zich niet afschrikken, de zaal was voller dan ooit” zei Vazana, die tijdens haar optreden niet wist van wat er zich buiten afspeelde. “De opkomst was veel groter dan gewoon”, Vazana is inmiddels uitgenodigd deel te nemen aan de volgende editie van Tanjazz in 2018. Zie hieronder de berichtgeving op de Israelische televisiezender NET2. Ook op de sociale media is er veel aandacht voor Noam, van zowel voor- als tegenstanders van de deelname van de Israelische zangeres. Vazana zelf benadrukt het belang van kunst voor verbroedering evenals voor het uiten van kritiek op de politiek. 

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These are days that how I come across in the media feels more importnat than ever. With such hatred being directed at me, I just wanted to be heard while also hoping that my words will lower the flames. It made me feel better to see articles in French, Spanish, English, Hebrew and Arabic being published and aired that gave this story a wider angle. But what really made me feel better was the music, which is the only fix I ever needed. Last night was our second show in Tanjazz and it was soothing to perform for such a beautiful loving audience. In the end, amidst the craziness, even with that one incident during the show, I was able to connect and feel a lot of love and warm hospitality from Morocco. This article was aired last night by channel 2 news in Israel. Thank you Yonatan Reguer for hearing me outTranslation: As the Israeli singer Noam Vazana sang in a festival in Morocco together with her partner for the show, Moroccan singer Teema the song “fragile, outside the venue there was a big pro-Palestinian demonstration which were the Israeli flag was burnt. “This is the public’s voice” chanted the demonstrators. Noam saw the videos to the demonstrations only after the show but the storm around her made the concert even more emotional. “It felt to me that the audience voted with their feet, we were happy to see a bigger audience that in my previous shows in Morocco and each gesture of friendship or good intent during the concert was accepted with warm applause”. Vazana is a jazz singer living in the Netherlands and already performed twice in the Tanjazz festival in previous years. But this time when her show was announced, 300 BDS activist demonsted against her outside the festival venue. Demonstrator: “Out with Noam!”. Vazana: “It’s an unpleasant feeling to be treated this way.” Demonstrators: “In blood and fire!” The storm around Vazana even reached Al Jazeera news: “In Morocco, the organizers of Tanjazz festival in Tangier announced the performance of the Israeli singer Noam Vazana. Many people expressed their rage in social media with the release of a video where both singers sing together”. Vazana received many hateful comment on social media, she was called “a children murderer” because of her army service in the airforce. It is important to emphasis that Vazana served as a musician playing trombone in the airforce orchestra and never was involved in any battle field. Vazana: “It’s a very serious accusation to call someone a murderer while he or she are innocent. It shook me up”. Although the difficulties around the show, Noam never thought to cancel. Vazana: “I feel that art one of the best ways to promote understanding. It didn’t feel right for me to give in to these pressure”. In the light of recent events the high advisor to the king intervened and sent the singer additional security. During her second show there was one stressful moment where a person from the audience ran towards the stage waving the Palestinian flag. Vazana: “he ran towards the stage, screaming while undressing to reveal the flag. The security guards stopped him within about 15 seconds. We waited till he left while still playing the song and continued singing where we left off”. After the shows Noam was approached by the festival’s artistic director. who told her that although the turbulence around her show she was already invited to participate in the festival again next year. #ImNotTheOnlyOne HuffPost קשת ערוץ 20 חדשות 2 Tangier, Morocco Morocco World News Morocco

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